Vertigo - My first paper pieced block pattern!

I am not going to include paper-piecing instructions here; I assume you already know how to do that. Be sure to cut large pieces for the non-90° triangles as they will take a bit more fabric. I just finger press each addition. Don't forget to back stitck so that you don't pull your stitches out when you tear the fabric off! This finishes to 6" and is marked with an inch indicator line. I printed it on my Canon Pixma all-in-one, centered on the page, and the dimensions were right-on.

This is the perfect size for a potholder. Simply layer the block, right side down, a layer of cotton batting, a layer of insul-brite or thermolam plus batting, and a backing/lining. Stitch in the ditch along each side to make the block stand out, and bind. Voila. Great potholder!

Here's the block:

And here are the two potholders I made, with my own hand-dyed fabrics, no less. :-)

Note: if you have trouble printing it correct size, try reducing the print size in your image program until it is the right size.

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