Webmistress' Poppie's Challenge Quilt

Day 3 Report

Finished Top w/o Sashing

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Well, I finished the top, without the window sashing. I now need to add the window sashing, an inner "leading" between the stained glass window and the window sashing. Then, I will begin work on the Applique of the Vase and the flowers. I have already created several versions of "poppies" for usage. I will probably have about 3 different styles of varying sizes. All red. I need to get some seed beads as the store for the center of the poppies. I will be using the final fabrics from my challenge kit, a brown that looks like wood, a yellowish-brownish blend for the bottom of the sashing, and the green grassy look for the poppie stems. I will be using the pretty pink/blue/mauve/gray blend stained glass fabric for the vase.

My vacation is now over, but I still hope to finish the entire quilt top by next week as I will need to do a bit of hand quilting on this. I realized *after* I sewed down the leading that you are supposed to wait to do this until it is sandwiched so that it serves as the quilting also. I personally am glad that I didn't wait as I had to do some fancy maneuvering of that quilt top to sew down the leading.

Planned quilting options thus far:

Here is the finished top:

Challenge Quilt Images - Top Day3 - Completed

Today, I spent a total of 4.5 hours finishing up the quilt top as it stands today.

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