Webmistress' Poppie's Challenge Quilt

Day 2 Report

Finished Top Third

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Well, I finished the top third, went to the store and got a new twin needle since I still can't find the 3 that I have. It worked much better, but thinking I got the wrong type because it does seem to drag on the bias tape. But, bit better. I have a bit of a time keeping straight, but the less than perfectly straight lines adds additional shadows to the tape more like what you would get with real leading. Also, since real leading would not always be perfectly straight, I allowed for a little bit of contour in some of the "leading."

Here is the finished top third:

Challenge Quilt Images - Top Day2 - Completed


Well, I didn't get too far into the middle when I realized a major faux pas. The yellow squares in the top were supposed to be circles!!! Ugh. Actually, I like them as squares but wanted more circles. So, back to the drawing board, my couch, to make some modifications to the middle.

Well, I snuck in two Moda Marbles, but other than that, have used all of my challenge material, with the addition of the yardage cut that I got for the background. I was going to use this wonderful sky looking material for the background, but I liked the look of the pink and blue, it looks like what you might imagine from looking through the "clear" part of stained glass, with the light reflecting off of the other colors, making the "clear" part appear "not clear." I finished piecing the middle and began adding the "leading." I think I may need to redo the one red circle, the leading isn't as smooth on one side as the other.

Here is the middle section:

Challenge Quilt Images - Middle - Day2

The "flags" I already had completed, so I just had do the smaller sections of the bottom. (If you wonder why I pieced the middle sections, one, was not to be wasteful of the material, and two, so that I have an even measure to apply the "leading" that will go up the middle of the stained glass window.) I already can see that I don't like the way the two areas come together, so tomorrow will bring with it some unsewing and adding a break up between the flags and the portion above it.

Here is the bottom section:

Challenge Quilt Images - Bottom - Day2

That concludes todays workout, well, kinda. I think I spent a total of 4 hours today on this baby, give or take. I won't get much work done on it tomorrow as I have to finish cleaning the apartment so that my "lil sis" can spend the night on Wednesday. Hope you are enjoying my fun here. :-)

Here are the images piled on top of one another to give you a better idea of the finished stained glass window:

Challenge Quilt Images - Top Day2 - Completed
Challenge Quilt Images - Middle - Day2
Challenge Quilt Images - Bottom - Day2

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